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Hey there! I'm Eric, aka the 'soccer spook.' That's a self-proclaimed nickname I titled myself due to my love for soccer and the fact that I was born on Halloween.

I'm currently a student in high school and I'm the goalie for our soccer team.  I sometimes play other positions, but goalie is my main one.  There are a few other sports I like to play, but soccer is the main one.

I'm the second child of three.  I have an older sister and a twin brother who is 13 minutes younger than me... I like to give him a hard time about it as much as I can. My parents have pretty sweet careers - my dad is a firefighter and my mom is a lawyer.

I guess a few more things about me are that I love going for runs, especially on cool mornings.  I love the rain and fall.  I had a bad experience eating red meat once and ever since I've been a vegetarian.  Art is my favorite subject in school because I love drawing, but only drawing.  I don't really care for painting or whatever.  I guess photography is cool though; my brother got a DSLR camera last year and I've tried it out a few times.

When I was twelve we moved across the country, which really bothered me.  I think it really affected me more than my brother and sister... I'm just not good with change.  My mom's friend, who's a psychologist, told me to start writing in a journal to express my feelings and I wasn't sure about it at first, but it helped me.  Like, a lot.

More recently she told me to possibly move to a more public domain, as in a blog.  Not to share the super-personal things, but anything I can express out in the open because chances are that someone can relate to anything I'm going through.

So yeah, that's a little about me and why I'm starting this blog.  I'm not sure how this will fan out, but I hope it will work to help me express myself a little more.

- Eric

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