Friday, September 29, 2017 or Blogger?

So, as I come back to blogging I'm thinking about whether I should stay on Blogger or switch to  If any other bloggers read this, what's your opinion?

I have a Wordpress account already, and I'm playing around with a test blog there.  It seems like blogs on there are a little more versatile and have some cooler layouts.  But then again, maybe I just need to play around with Blogger more.  In any case, I could definitely use some feedback.

On a completely different note, who's seen the new version of It?  Freaking creepy, right??

I love it though.

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  1. Hey, Eric! Good to see you back, and thanks for stopping by mine! In answer to your question... I was on Blogger for a year or more (I still have a blog there), then switched to Word Press. It was the best thing I did, as WP is so easy to use, and the community of bloggers are friendly, like to leave 'likes', and comments, and follows, too. (I never got any of that over on Blogger) :) Good to see you blogging again! Glad you had a great summer, and a good start to the new school year.