Friday, January 13, 2017

Paying It Forward

What a good feeling it is to pay for someone's order at the coffee shop.  Seriously, the look of surprise and joy on their face is amazing.  It lets you know that you did a good thing - that you might have even made that person's day.

The best part?
This was a complete stranger.

I was able to do this for someone today.  I could immediately tell by the look on the woman's face that this kind gesture made her day.  There was no process to deciding to do this - I didn't scan the customers in the store and decide, "Yes, this is the one I'll pay for."  Nope, I was just in line with the motive to pay for whoever was behind me.  I was able to swoop in with my money before she could get her card from her wallet.

It's possible that she was also surprised that some teen-aged kid would do this kind of thing.  But I was raised well.  I try to help out others as best as I can, but I'm not perfect.  Today just happened to be one of my better days.

But I'm going to say that if the person behind me was someone who hadn't even been as grateful as this lady was, I still would have been happy to do it.  Who knows?  It could affect them later on.  Even if it doesn't, it's good to do good unto others.

Pass on the kindness.

       ©2017 - Eric

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