Monday, January 2, 2017

Time of Peace - Just Jot It January

Unlike my siblings and my friends, I'm an early bird.  Getting up at 6am is no problem for me at all.  It never has been.  It's only weird because if you knew my family, you'd assume I was the night owl... not my brother and sister.

I think early mornings are peaceful.  It's nice and quiet and you can watch the sun rise, depending on
when you wake up.  I'm normally up before the sun, so I get to witness the beauty of the sunrise every morning.

My house is usually quiet.  My dad usually works overnight shifts and my mom gets up at 6:30, so I usually get some time to myself in the morning.  Even though the quiet is nice, I think my favorite part of getting up early is going for my morning run.

Running is a big part of my morning routine.  My neighborhood has a perfect layout for an easy mile run, though I normally like to run more when I have time.  And as much as I love running in the summer when I don't have to rush back home to get ready for school, fall is definitely my favorite season to run in.

The scenery of fall is the best and so are the temperatures.  It's cool enough to not start melting in the morning, but at the same time I don't freeze.  Plus there's no snow on the ground so I don't have to worry about ice when I'm running.

These reasons are the main two why I love being an early bird as opposed to a night owl.  While staying up late has it's benefits - being that my friends are all up at that time - I feel much more energized when I wake up before the sun even does.

Early mornings are my time of peace.

          ©2017 - Eric


  1. I love the early mornings too Eric, when the world is just waking up! :-)

    1. It's definitely the best time of day :)

  2. I'm up really early too, so get to see the sunrises. I take a photo of a lot of them.