Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Job Hunting

I think there are only two other words that sound bad in a combo... root canal.

I've never had one, thankfully, but I hear they're a pain.  If I can help it,
and I'm pretty sure I can, I'm going to make sure I never have to get one of those.  But in any case, back to the two words in the title.

Job hunting.

I turned sixteen at the end of October last year, so I'm eligible to apply for most part-time jobs that are available.  Since then I've been steadily looking and applying for some part-time positions I think I'd be good at.  I mean, I know I'll most likely end up cashiering or stocking shelves somewhere so it's not like whatever job I get will be rocket science.

It's the trying to find a job part that sucks.  Either people aren't hiring or I don't have enough experience.  What I don't get is how can you have experience if you've never had a real job before?  I've had odd jobs before - shoveling neighbors' driveways, raking/mowing lawns, babysitting - but none of those help with getting a job that is on the books.  But maybe I should just stick to the odd jobs thing... if I can't get one at a store that is.

My brother thinks I should charge for ASL lessons.

It's not a bad idea...

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