Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Dear Internet...

Dear anyone who reads this,

Hi there!  How are you?  You look great today, did anyone tell you that?  Well, you do.

Who am I?  I'm Eric.  I'm new to this blogging thing.  Before this all I've had is my trusty journal, and well, my twin brother.  He listens to me when I'm having a hard time.  My sister doesn't so much, not that she doesn't want to, but she's got her own things going on.  She'll be going to college soon, so she's preparing for all that.

The Internet is pretty cool, you can do a lot of things on it.  I've only recently gotten into social media.  I actually don't have a Facebook yet, and I don't think I will.  It opens a large door for drama, so I've heard, so I want to stay away from that.  Twitter works for me.  And maybe an Instagram once I start taking some pictures with my phone.

Oh, and this blog.

I'll be writing about everything I can here.  It's basically a personal blog I'm going for here.  If people read it, that's cool.  If not, well that sucks.  I'm really hoping to connect with other like-minded people here.

That's enough about me though, you can find out more about me on my About page and as I start blogging regularly.

I hope you have a wonderful day!  If you're not having a good day, I hope it gets better and try eating a few cookies... that normally works for me.

- Eric

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