Friday, December 30, 2016

My Goals for 2017

2017 is only two days away... nuts, right?  I feel like this year
flew by, but that's just me.  It could've been excruciatingly long for someone else.

My family has always been one of those families that would get together and we'd each make a resolution for the new year; we still do that.  Only now that me and my siblings are older we also make our own goals for the year.  I figured since I have a blog, I'd share them so I'd not only be accountable to my brother and sister, but to anyone who reads this as well.

Eric's Goals for 2017

Above is a link to my page listing my goals for the new year.  I spent some time in the last few weeks thinking about what I wanted to accomplish in the next year and wrote them down.  If I realized the goal was probably not something that would happen, I took it off.  I didn't want to overload myself with goals, but there are more here than I had for myself last year... but not too many more.

I like seeing what others have for goals as well, so feel free to share with me!

        - Eric

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