Thursday, December 29, 2016

Reverse Haul (the gifts I gave)

I said earlier that I'd post the gifts that I gave to my family and friends since Christmas isn't about getting presents, but giving them.  Keep in mind that I'm only a teenager and don't yet have a part-time job.  At the moment I make money by babysitting and doing work like mowing lawns and shoveling snow... which really aren't bad gigs.

So here's what I gave to my family and friends this Christmas...

  • For my dad... I got him this Dad Side Star Wars shirt and a Darth Vader apron.
  • For my mom... I bought her a gift certificate to get her nails done.  Plus, my siblings and I split getting her a massage coupon book.
  • For my sister... I got her a personalized mug, like this one, but only it says 'Sister. Est. 2000' and a $15 gift card to Dunkin'.
  • For my brother... I got him Pokemon Sun and made him a personalized bookmark.
  • For my buddy Clyde... I got him the War and Peach tin from NovelTeas.  He's a tea lover, as I am, so this was the perfect gift for him.  And they have new ones coming out soon!
  • For my friend Rachel... I got her this Butterbeer lip balm along with a Time Turner necklace.

And that's what I got my family and friends for Christmas.  I know, what about my grandparents?  Well, as usual, my parents are in charge of choosing gifts for them and us kids just help chip in for the presents now that we're old enough to.

As far as I know, everyone loved their presents and as always, I enjoyed giving the presents to them.  In the past few years I've come to like that part of Christmas more than receiving gifts (though I do usually love my gifts).  It's a good feeling to make someone smile because you're thinking of them.

      - Eric

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