Monday, December 26, 2016

Family Christmas Haul

I hope everyone had a great Christmas, I know I did!

Everything went traditionally, as usual.  My grandparents arrived Friday from New Hampshire and will be here until Tuesday morning.  Yesterday morning we had our pancake breakfast and opened up presents in our pajamas.  Then we just hung around for the rest of the day, watching Christmas movies and checking out our presents... and shopping online with gift cards (haha).  We also Skyped my other grandparents, uncle and his family to thank them for their gifts.

I got a pretty good haul of presents this year.  I got...

  • From my parents...
    • A Kindle Paperwhite e-reader
    • $50 Amazon gift card
    • Ice + Waterproof Boots
  • From my brother...
    • Pokemon Moon
    • new snowboarding goggles
  • From my sister...
    • 1 year subscription for Book Riot YA Quarterly box
  • From my grandparents (mom's side)...
    • $25 Barnes and Noble gift card
    • $50 cash
    • cleaning accessories for my hearing aids
  • From my grandparents (dad's side)...
    • Seattle Seahawks knit hat
    • Seattle Seahawks sweatshirt

And of course, since my grandparents on my dad's side live in across the country in Washington, they shipped our gifts to us.  We got them before Christmas, but didn't open them until Christmas day.  As far as friends go, my brother and I are meeting up with them today since we always get something little for each other.  I'll let you know what I got later.

I'm also going to post later what I gave my family and friends for Christmas, since that's what the spirit of Christmas is - giving with love. 

          - Eric

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