Friday, April 7, 2017


It's time to get elementary school on this blog.  For today's post I'm going to list all of my favorite things... or at least most of them.  It's really just whatever pops into my head that I'll list.

I think finding out someone's favorite things is pretty cool, even if it seems like a kid thing.  You get to know the person a little better and form a better bond.  Favorites can change over time too.  I personally think it's interesting to ask why someone's favorite thing has changed.  It could be that something new came along or their tastes changed.  All in all, a person's favorite things are important.

So here are mine...

Eric's Favorites:

Color: bright green

Season: autumn/fall

Movie: Big Hero 6

Book: impossible to answer

Candy: 3 Musketeers bars

Sport to play: soccer

Sport to watch: football

Actor/Actress: Jim Carrey / Dove Cameron

Hero: Captain America

Villian: Loki

Fruit: strawberry

Lunch/Dinner: grilled chicken with rice and veggies

Breakfast: strawberry waffles

Cereal: Reese's Puffs and Lucky Charms

Dessert: key lime pie

Type of Cookie: oatmeal raisin

Ice Cream Flavor: Chunky Monkey from Ben & Jerry's

Song: "You're the Inspiration" - Chicago

Artist/Band: Newsboys and Pentatonix

Cartoon: Avatar: the Last Airbender

TV Show: The Middle

And that's all I can think of for now.  If you want to know any other of my favorites, you can just ask me! :)

       ©2017 - Eric


  1. so many mentions of food, which, I like except for the key lime pie - never tried it before so I have no opinion on that. my answers would probably be kind of cheesy...

    have a lovely day.

    my F post: Fiction

    1. Key Lime Pie is really good :) At least in my opinion, haha.