Tuesday, April 11, 2017


My original post wasn't working out, so I guess today's post will be a vocab lesson.  I get the dictionary.com Word of the Day emails and this particular word was the Word of the Day for Friday last week.

inveterate [in-vet-er-it]:

1. settled or confirmed in a habit, practice, feeling, or the like:
an inveterate gambler

For instance, I'm an inveterate night reader.  It's how I get my mind to relax before going to bed.  Of course, it depends on the book.  But for the most part, it works for me.  If I don't read at night I have a harder time falling asleep.  I'm good at keeping to my nightly reading though.  If for some reason I'm not reading a book at the time, I'll read a fan-fiction story or whatever book I'm currently reading for my English class.

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