Monday, April 10, 2017


What makes a true hero?

Someone who risks everything for another.  Whether it's someone they know and love or a complete stranger.  It's those who will lay down their life for someone else and not bat an eye.  Or the person who gives all of what they have to help someone in need.

I live with two heroes - my parents.

My dad's a firefighter, as I've mentioned before.  When there's big fires he puts his life at risk to not only get that fire out, but to save lives.  It hasn't happened a lot, thankfully, where he has gotten hurt, but there was this one time that he ended up in the hospital after a rescue and I was terrified.  I still get scared whenever he goes out to a fire, but at the same time I know that he might save a life.

My mom saves lives too, but in a different way.  She helps innocent people get freed from wrongful accusations or helps them get justice.  She's a lawyer.  She has kept innocent people from being wrongly convicted and has made it so that those who wronged a person get what they deserve.  Of course, that was in Seattle.  After our move across the country she took up family law, but she still helps people get justice... just in the family sense.

Heroes are everywhere.  I'm just lucky enough to live with two of them.

       ©2017 - Eric

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